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The Importance of Hashtags On Instagram

  1. When using hashtags you need to specify your  niche and just use the hahstags related to that niche. If not you stand the risk of  your post being blocked because of unrelated hahstgas

2. Keep rotating the hahstags ,, using the same hashtags can create you a shadow ban in Instagram

3. Add the hashtags as a comment.. to keep your feed clean

The art of using hashtags on Instagram take experience. Many  users are falling into the same mistake over and over, they just keep using the most popular hashtags , believing it’s the best way to increase the visibility and the engagement level .

That is not the case

Hashtags have more importance than that.

  1. The extreme rush of the posts and other users  on popular hashtags.. which will hide your post with a short time after you post

  2. The account engagement rate , you should keep tracking your engagement rate to understand better where you can bid with your posts

When using hashtags focus on three things:

   1. Consider mixing the hashtags levels on Instagram

   2. You should use maximum 5 big popular hashtags for the fast engagement

   3.You need to mix the rest with medium and small hashtags levels for the long lasting visibility

Finally, focus how to increase your engagement level in order to position your posts at the top of the small and medium hashtags walls

Consider the hashtags walls as a magazine with a bid system

The front page is the most expensive to advertise

When it comes to hashtags is the same, in order to advertise your post on the top walls of the hashtags , you need a great engagement (likes & comments or views)

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