insta2000 skills

instagram success , made simple

The course is designed only for the people who want to become a real professional in managing their instagram account by them self.  without a need for anyone on the world.

The excellent Mentorship Where we, guide You On A simple 5-days process And Show You how to become an instagram marketing expert by simple steps 

Day 1 ( introduction )

What is the Instagram algorithm and how exactly it work, it will help you to understand the value of this program for the long term period. The psychology of the social media game, and how to master it.

Day 2 ( the setup )

what are the best tools you need , how to get them . and to start  You will learn how to setup your account from 0 base knowledge and how to run it yourself with easy simple steps. What are the best settings matching your account target demographics and how to find them.

Day 3 ( tricks & knowledge )

Everything you need to know about the safety settings.  How to solve and handle any problem easily, & How to avoid the others mistakes.

Day 4 ( business & Money )

What are the exact tools you need to in order to run it as a business, How to manage other clients’ account, How to find your clients, How to answer all their questions, How to start generating some cash.

Day 5 ( summery & repetition )

On day 5 we will recap all the information and Answering all the question you have.

after the course you will have a free access to our facebook closed group , you will be updating about the information you need .getting help and support from each others