instagram success

To become a real successful on instagram , you must consider 1 of 2 options

invest your Time

learn how to do it yourself, read more about the best tools you need, master it, ask questions from the experts, dive more into the instagram secrets.

Focus to post only the best quality pictures. if you cant do it yourself, then find a professional photographer. If you think you can’t handle any of these ,then better to quit from instagram and save your time. So simple is that!

invist more of your time into the content creation , learn how to become a story teller and integrate it with your posts. you will notice the difference with your audiences interaction.

Learn how to choose the correct hashtags, analyze the picture and the caption . Don’t just use random hashtags. Don’t be lazy !!!! Be specific about the audience you want to reach. As better you become with the hashtags as faster as you increase your engagement, and that’s the hardest task !

the majority of users thinking that using the most popular hashtags is the best method to increase the visibility and the audiences. unfortunately its wrong idea !

hashtags are levels: 

  1. the most popular based on the number of the posts and the rush which they are good for the fast engagement (only the first 2/5 minutes max) also it depends on your profile engagement level
  2. the medium and small hashtags based on the number of the posts, these are the best for long lasting, which simply means that your post will be visible there for a long time, so it will increase your visibility chances for the other users who are following these hashtags or even the new followers   

fortunately, we established an advanced hashtags app generator, will help all people to find any word or hashtags they need. in order to increase their engagment level, and still we are adding more categories.

we applied the formula of the hashtags levels:

  1. the most popular hashtags for the fast engagement.
  2. the medium and small hashtags range for the last long visibility   
    at the moment its available for iphone users only. and soon on Google play



invest your Money

hair a professional, agency or whatever and let them manage your account, just make sure 100% that they really know what they are doing. if you don't know how to find, we can referred you to some professionals we already know.

now whatever is your choice from above , The results will appear straightaway into your account.


the question is

How do you define the Value

is it by Time or Money?